Adding and getting viewing keys
It's important to mention that when interacting with contracts, viewing keys exposed by the Contextshould be registered using the viewingKeyManager in order for queries to have the viewing key available.
The viewing key manager is an object provided by Griptape to create, set and get viewing keys for an specific contract.
For adding a viewing for an specific contract, use the add function:
import { viewingKeyManager, ... } from '@stakeordie/griptape.js';
const sefi = refContract<Snip20Contract>('sefi');
viewingKeyManager.add(sefi, 'api_key_J41LMWYXaZqknjcmaex...');
In case you want to update a viewing key for an specific contract, use the set function:
viewingKeyManager.set(sefi, 'api_key_J41LMWYXaZqknjcmaex...');
And finally, you can get the viewing key using the get function:
const key = viewingKeyManager.get(;
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