Griptape Update 2021-10-14


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  • Last sprint of development (based on the Grant)

Last Release Details

As you might know, this is the last two weeks of development for Griptape. It has been an awesome journey, and we want to share with you some of the history of Griptape, the features you might expect for this last release and a peek to the future: what other awesome tools we can provide to make Griptape the blockchain development framework.

History about how it started

Griptape started as a simple approach to bring to life one of our first applications in Secret Network: Secret Auctions. It was a base architecture and a set of helper functions that enables us to form a foundation in which then we were able to rapidly build all the different components of the application.

By the time we finished Secret Auctions, more and more opportunities came to us to develop new applications. For sure, we didn't want to build all the foundation code again, but at the same time it was hard to refactor and difficult to decouple from the domain of that application. So, we put some effort into separate and make that code generic, in order to had the ability to rapidly bootstrap and code.

As part of that, we found a lot of patterns over the time we build new applications. Those patterns end up with what we know today as Griptape. It is all the knowledge we have aquired during the time we have developed in this ecosystem.


Now that we are weeks away from the first major milestone for Griptape, this is what the current state looks like.

By definition:

Griptape is a Development Framework to develop DApps in Secret Network.

Main Features

  • Blockchain connection
  • Full interaction with Secret Contracts
  • Keplr wallet support
  • Managing viewing keys
  • UI events API
  • Tools for contract management
  • UI utilies

What to expect from last release

  • Minor bug fixing
  • Improvements over Event, Contracts and Bootstrap APIs
  • Finalize docs
  • Finalize testing suite
  • Add contract utils methods for Griptape Vue and Griptape React
  • Full step-by-step text/video tutorial

The Future of Griptape.js

We want to enable users to build awesome apps on Secret Network. These are some of the things that we want to build for the next iteration:

  • CLI application for griptape
  • Testing library
  • Support for blockchain upgrades
  • Project scaffold tool
  • General improvements
  • DevTools/Eslint integration
  • New account providers
  • Low level API access (advance)