What is Griptape.js?

Griptape is the web framework for developing dApps on Secret Network.

Why Griptape?

While developing early dApps on Secret Network, we found a lot of patterns and best practices that helped us be way more productive. Eventually we realized we had a dev framework on our hands, one that bridged web2 dev practices with web3 processes.

In skateboarding, grip tape is an essential part of the board. Originally designed just to keep the skater's feet on the board, over time grip tape was leveraged to allow more and more tricks to be performed; the game-changing innovation coming in 1982 when Rodney Mullen introduced the flat ground ollie. He basically used friction and other fun physics to convert forward motion into vertical motion. In a sense he hacked the skateboard's design, using grip tape to get off the ground. The rest is history.

Positioned between the skateboard and the rider's feet, grip tape makes all the modern aspects of skateboarding possible. Similarly, Griptape.js sits between the blockchain and the modern web2 frameworks that every modern developer knows and loves. Although it is possible get off the ground without grip tape, it is really hard and doesn’t make much sense really. Similarly Griptape.js gets you off the ground quickly and easily. You could build without it, but really, what's the point?

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