Using Keplr with Griptape

Griptape works along with Keplr to provide a way to get and store SNIP-20 viewing keys previously created using the keplr.suggestToken function. To do so, you will need to use the keplrViewingKeyManager

import { keplrViewingKeyManager } from '@stakeordie/griptape.js';

const contract = ...
await keplrViewingKeyManager.add(contract);

The example above will call the keplr.suggestToken in case there is no viewing key available for that contract in Keplr and then stores it on Griptape. In case there is already a viewing key, it will just store it directly on Griptape.

keplrViewingKeyManager has the same API as the viewingKeyManager and therefore you can get the viewing key or set it:

const key = keplrViewingKeyManager.get(;


Is important to mention that the set method of the keplrViewingKeyManager does not updates the viewing key that is hold by Keplr.

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