Creating Contract Clients

Once we have a contract definition, we can create a client contract. Creating a client contract in Griptape is simply using the createContractClient function and pass in the following data:

import {
} from '@stakeordie/griptape.js';

interface SecretCounter {
  getCount(): Promise<{ count: number }>;
  increment(): Promise<ContractMessageResponse>;

const secretCounterDef: ContractDefinition = {
  queries: { ... }
  messages: { ... }

const secretCounter = createContractClient<SecretCounter>({
  at: 'secret1w97ynhe099cs5p433dvlaqhsxrszudz2n3f56h',
  definition: secretCounterDef

Now you can do:

const queryRes = await secretCounter.getCount();
// or
const messageRes = await secretCounter.increment();

Now you are able to interact with contracts!

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